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Do you run a fashion brand, a lifestyle store, an annual event, or a sustainable marketplace?
You can order in bulk from us and get to customize some cool Wear Equal merchandise!

Fashion brands can co-brand a product with us where we offer our custom printing services along with export quality manufacturing complete with cool sustainable packaging options! 
Lifestyle stores can stock our existing merchandise such as unisex T-shirts, bags, accessories, plushies and gifting items at your store OR we could create some quirky items that go with the vibe of your store. 
Event Organizers can choose from a range of our gift boxes or get bespoke products made, whether for an NGO wanting T-shirts or a business looking for sustainable & impactful gifts. 
Sustainable Marketplaces and pop-up curators can get in touch with us for stocking our products on your website, and app OR to participate in your pop-up event. 
Head to our Merchandise page to check out what we supply. 

Delight your customers, support women, and protect the planet with our impactful organic products available in every shape and size!

Write to us at !
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