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Wear Equal has been socially and environmentally conscious from the start. Right from the fabric we chose to make our products, all the way to the fair practices of manufacturing. As a brand, we have endeavored to constantly assess the progress of our mission, measure our achievements and work on solutions to improve our impact!

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In this exercise, Livabl looked across the entire supply chain, from the raw material sourcing to manufacturing, through to the product delivery and consumer phase.

So, we partnered with Livabl, an external audit organization based out of Chennai, to calculate our social and environmental footprint and comparing that against traditional industry practices.

Basis the data calculated by them in adherence to GHG protocols,

the following metrics were analyzed:

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Wear Equal Website Icons (2).png
Wear Equal Website Icons (2).png
Wear Equal Website Icons (2).png
Wear Equal Website Icons (2).png
You save 62% energy by choosing a Wear equal brief This energy is saved due to avoiding ha



Livabl also carried out a life-cycle analysis of our products and here is how we differ from conventional briefs available in the market.
A Conventional Brief
A Wear Equal Brief
Wear Equal Difference
0.5424Kg CO2 emissions used 
0.2934Kg CO2 emissions used 
46% lesser
91% lesser
636 mL water used
54 mL water used
1.248 KWh energy used
0.474 KWh energy used
62% lesser
3.89 sq meter soil sprayed with harmful pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertillizers
3.89 sq meter soil saved from being sprayed with harmful pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertillizers
100% lesser
We were thrilled to know about the benefits and environmental savings when better practices were used by us.

And in doing so, we also found ourselves aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals.
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CRETILE (4).png
CRETILE (4).png
CRETILE (4).png
CRETILE (4).png
CRETILE (4).png
We also found that delivery is the biggest factor in increasing our Carbon Footprint and therefore, we initiated the Shipping Offset program. Under this program, we aim to plant 100 trees every year to offset the emissions produced by our operations. 
Livabl plants 100 trees
We send funds annually
We contribute INR 15
You contribute INR 5
You shop from
Wear Equal
We aim to work together with Livabl, to reduce and offset carbon emissions enabling us to become climate neutral.
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