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We love to collaborate with sustainable fashion & conscious lifestyle influencers; feminists, activists and organizations. who are advocating on women’s issues.


We do product reviews, photo shoots, IG takeovers & lives, guest blogs & interview blogs, features, and giveaways. If you have a blog, digital magazine, podcast, Instagram, or YouTube channel and your ethics align with ours, send your details to


Through your content, we will together champion sustainable fashion and spread our vision of a world where women support each other from all corners of society!

Not influencer much?
You can still get featured on Wear Equal !

If you love our products, click some pictures, and post them on your page by tagging us.  If you don’t feel like taking a picture in intimate wear, no worries, we love interesting flat lays as well! Every month, we select and feature our favorite posts which carry an impactful caption on our page and give a gift card worth INR 500 to them. So, jump on Instagram, use the hashtag #wewearequal and tag our profile @wewearequal

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