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We are excited to announce the Wear Equal Loyalty Program where you can earn rewards for shopping, sharing, and doing good for the earth!

How does it work?



Join us & earn
25 points immediately! 

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Get points every time you shop, share, or do something good for the earth

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Redeem points & perks forexclusive discounts, gifts, and early access to new stuff

How to earn points?

Create an account

25 bones

Free sign up for newsletter

Shop with us

Get 3% cashback on your entire purchase amount

Follow us on our Socials

30 bones

Share a picture & tag us

50 bones

Get featured on our feed

Refer a Friend

150 bones

Free gift on next purchase

Write a Review

150 bones

How to level up?

To be a true super-loyalist, following our social and environmental missions is a must. So here is how your good deeds increase your points. 

Go Green

Offset the carbon footprint for the shipping of your product and you earn as many bones as you offset. 

Donate an Undie

Donate an undie at checkout for our social impact project and immediately earn 50 bones!

Give Back

Send your old/worn-out underwear to us and get points towards your next purchase of new undies.


How to redeem?

1 bone is 1 Rupee. After you collect sufficient bones, you can redeem your points by writing a mail to We will e-mail you a gift card coupon that you can use during checkout to avail discount. You need to collect a minimum of 2000 bones to be eligible for redeeming**


How to unlock special perks?

For super-loyalists, we have special perks that you can unlock as you collect and save your bones without redeeming them . There are three categories of super-loyalists that you can unlock as below :


Gift upon entry

Birthday discount

Early access to new launches and sales

All year discount on merchandise

Free trials of up to 5 products in a year

Meet the team at

a photoshoot


2500 Bones


5500* Bones


7500* Bones

*must participate in the Shop-with-purpose & Shipping-offset projects of Wear Equal 
**T&C applied

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