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Our partner organizations who help run the brand's commercial, social & environmental pursuits.

- Project Stree

Project Stree’s mission is to empower Indian women by increasing awareness about hygiene habits and challenging the stigma around women’s health. Tackling period poverty is one of Project Stree's most important goals. Through collaborations with similar vision, they hold workshops in the rural communities and government schools on safe menstruation practices & also distribute starter kits containing pads, tampons, menstrual cups and underwear.

- Deeps Texstyles

A socially responsible manufacturing unit that recognizes the indispensability of ethical production. They work closely with the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure living wages to all their workers. They also focus on campaigns such as Gender Sensitization at Workplace to ensure and promote upskilling of women for gender equality in their workforce. Their factories are SA800, SEDEX 4 Pillar and Fair Trade certified. 

- Commence Circle

Commence Circle is an organization that provides e-services at an affordable price to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether it be designing a website, curating a social media plan, or e-commerce listing, its mission is to provide services of value to enhance a business' performance and growth. They hope to harness the possibility of virtual growth to create an impact and continuously support even more businesses.

- Livabl

At Livabl, they aim to reduce and offset carbon emissions and enable companies to take sustainable action steps eventually making them become climate neutral. Their work involves calculating the impact on environment of brands by means of carbon emissions and Life Cycle Analysis of the clothing collection they produce. They carry out audits, track and measure carbon footprint and also determine the pathway to offset.

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