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In Conversation with Shreeya Khade of MyCurvesGotGlitter

In our quest to be inclusive and provide high quality products to beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, we set out to find the face of our latest collection, an empowered woman who embodied our values and inspired us. Enter Shreeya Khade, a mumbai based entrepreneur and influencer. We were thrilled to work with such a powerhouse of energy, positivity and beauty. Read on for an exclusive one on one between our founder, Preeta and Shreeya...

What made you choose the profession of a Plus-size blogger and influencer?

I always was told that my fashion sense is quirky and was often asked where do i buy my outfits from, hence thought of blogging about fashion, w.r.t. to body positivity and feminism, I always had strong thoughts and opinions regarding these topics and my passion about them lead me to write and influence women over the same.

What is your feeling towards the term "Plus Size"?

I believe the understanding of this term is purely for description purposes, like fat can be used to describe a certain person, for outfits "plus" can be used, not necessarily though.

What props you up in moments when you are feeling down about yourself or your body image?

This thought 'How society has conditioned my mind to believe that i am not good enough' and that there are many more things I can be associated with other than my weight.

How much do you see and feel the society has changed over the years, since you joined the business?

I think over the years it has changed a lot, now is the time when brands are actually slowly considering getting into the plus segment and plus models, but I still feel there is a huge shift that needs to happen in India.

What was your initial honest reaction to the brand Wear Equal?

It is a very well thought of concept with activism as its branding pillar, which I personally found a strong brand message as well as image, the prints are cute and quirky.

Now that you have worked with the brand and have experienced the products first hand, what is your opinion regarding the overall quality of the product?

I like the way it fits and feels, comfortable yet stylish.

What is your favorite plus size brand from India?

SHEIN since it has variety.

What is your favorite INDULGENCE this Festive Season?

Cupcakes, momos and cycling!

What is the best body positive advice you have received from a woman in your life and who?

I have received it from Ratna Pathak, she fueled a host of thoughts in my mind when she said 'if only women did not care enough about their looks, body and beauty in their 20's, if they get their heads out of it, how much more of life they could see and live'

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