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Strands of glitter and Sparkling Silvers

Our hair turning grey is one of the most beautiful natural processes there is; yet we have some in the society associating it with unattractiveness, making us rush to our nearest box dye the first time we spot a strand of silver. While it's important that we do what we makes us happy, choosing to embrace your natural greys is also quite a journey, that some people might even be hesitant to take on. It is in moments like these that we find inspiration in those around us who have already let their mane turn silver. One of our favourite people who has already embarked on her grey hair journey is Anjana Dubey, a.k.a, @sparklingsilvers. At the age of 36, Anjana had decided to do away with hair dye and let her greys grow. Read on to find out more about Anjana and her grey hair transition story WE: How did you decide it was time to embrace the natural process of raging and go


Anjana: As I entered my thirties, I started looking for natural and non-toxic ways to cover my silvers as I was fed up with the damage that hair dye was doing to my hair. It was thinning, getting dull and looking lifeless. I had severe hair fall. I just wanted to step out of the toxic trap. But unfortunately, there was no sustainable way to cover grey hair that worked for me other than henna. But my hair was about 80% grey and henna made them orangish, which I never liked.

Then I started contemplating giving up hair dyes and going natural. I made up my mind that I have to do this. It seemed to me like an adventure and I wanted to explore what was hiding behind the hair colour. I grew out my silvers and to speed up the process, I got a short pixie cut in 2018.

WE: After going grey did you have any apprehensions about your new look? Did you

ever regret it?

Anjana: I was wholeheartedly ready to embrace my natural hair. The biggest fear a woman

has regarding grey hair is ‘looking old’. But I always treated my silvers to be just

another hair colour. I never saw any impact of grey hair on me.

WE: Are there any other fellow women, celebrities or eminent people with grey hair

who inspired your decision?

Anjana: When I took this plunge, there was zero inspiration for women who were young

and going grey. I found some inspiration online but most of them were in their 50s

or above.

WE: What was the reaction of your close friends and family?

Anjana: Positive. In fact, I never gave a chance to anybody to pass judgements and make me

reconsider my decision to go grey. I carried myself confidently throughout the

whole grey hair growing-out process even with the skunk line indicating to people

around me that I was doing it on purpose. I receive more compliments on my hair now than earlier, when it was dyed brown. It transformed my personality.

WE: With universal beauty standards constantly emphasising on youth, what do you

have to say to the world?

Anjana: Please stop setting unrealistic standards of beauty for the youth or society. This is

toxic. We all have our own uniqueness in terms of physical appearance and that is

whole and beautiful in its own way. Actual beauty is in accepting and embracing

ourselves as we are. Set your own realistic beauty standards emphasised on a

healthier body and mind.

WE: What is a word of advice you’d like to give to those people who are just beginning

their transition to their natural greys (or are afraid to take the plunge yet)?

Anjana: Just one thing ‘be focused’ and keep in mind the reason you are embracing

your natural hair. Be thick skinned like a rhino, and never let the opinion of others bother

you. Keep your head high. It’s your hair, you are the one to decide what to do with


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