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Trans Affirming Intimate Wear - A rare find

The words of Karyn Bello, the founder of Zhe - a lingerie business that creates underwear for trans people really resonate with us, "Lingerie may seem like a frivolous way to uplift the transgender community, but undergarments are the first thing you put on your body when you get dressed. To have them be affirming is just that — affirming".

Trans people, especially trans women and femme-identifying folks may face several struggles while shopping for intimate wear. Often, they are left to with a cruel choice, they have to either pick something that fits their hips & groin or something that truly makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are some of the struggles that they may face while shopping for lingerie:

Stereotypical Options

Most trans women don’t end up opting for full gender-affirming surgery & hence, their anatomy can pose a challenge when it comes to shopping for the right undergarments. Stores mostly only cater to cisgender women, which may not accommodate the body shapes and sizes of trans women.


Gender-affirming undergarments and lingerie designed specifically for trans women can be expensive, making them inaccessible to those with limited financial resources and other urgent expenses.These sky-high prices can make intimate wear shopping quite difficult.

Limited Pieces

Sometimes, even if we do end up finding pieces that fit, they mostly come in a very limited range of silhouette, print, and fit options. Finding quality pieces without having to give up fashion as a vital outlet to express themselves is still a problem for trans women.

No Sustainable Choices

Lastly, even if they do find a rare brand that caters to the trans community, it is likely to be a fast fashion one. Eco-friendly lingerie brands are yet to offer the same, leaving trans women with limited choices that meet their needs & are sustainable. This can create a dilemma for transwomen who prioritize environmental concerns & wish to support ethical & sustainable brands.

It is about time we start creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for trans women to shop for intimate wear and beyond. Not only do trans women deserve access to better physical and mental health care and resources, but they also deserve better underwear. What do you think?

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