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Why Bralettes Triumph Over Regular Bras

Still need more convincing on why you should make the switch to bralettes today? Here are five compelling reasons why bralettes are stealing the spotlight:

Comfort First

Bid farewell to underwire discomfort and restrictive padding! Bralettes provide you a softer snug fit and support you with their underbands (the thicker the better!) Not only that but those annoying straps that dig in your shoulder when you try to lift your breasts higher? No more of those too! The wider, clasp free straps of the bralette are often better at holding your breasts in pace.

Versatile Styling

This versatile piece of fashion is intimate wear, loungewear and casual wear all rolled into one! Besides wearing it in place of a bra, you can also layer them with a slim-cut blazert or high-waisted trousers (the paper bag kind are an ideal partner for bralettes) or let them shine as standalone pieces for a fashion-forward statement.

No restrictions

Unlike structured bras that may alter your silhouette, bralettes offer subtle support that accentuates your curves. Braltettes retain and portray the natural shape of your breasts. They don’t lift your breasts as they do not have stiff cups or padding like the former.

Quicker Washes

Fine lingerie such as wired bras require a separate ‘delicate’ machine wash cycles or their own hand wash session to ensure that they don't become misshapen. Meanwhile, barlettes can simply be tossed along with your regular laundry itself by simply wrapping it up in a mesh bag.

Inclusive Sizing

No more frustration of limited sizing options! Buying bralettes is actually easier than buying a conventional bra when it comes to sizes, as they correspond to common dress sizes instead of factoring in the band and the cup size thereby catering to diverse body types and bust shapes. This means whether you're petite or curvy, there's a bralette out there that will fit you perfectly.

With comfort taking precedence over other things, it’s time to shun wired bras all together in favour of the delightful blend of comfort, style, and versatility offered by bralettes.

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