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Pregnancy in the midst of a Pandemic

Mom-preneurs are extraordinary women who can clean a diaper, cook a meal, organize a party and run a business, all by themselves. Meet one such extraordinary woman – Akanksha, who runs a thriving sustainable business based on the principles of upcycling and just became a mother to her adorable son – Jaiveer. We interviewed her to share her experience of becoming pregnant during a pandemic and juggling business and motherhood together!

1. How was your experience with a pregnancy during a pandemic? Were you intimidated?

- I got to know that I was pregnant around the same time that the first lockdown was announced back in 2020 and that brought with it so much anxiousness. It was an overwhelming experience to be going through the first trimester with all the sick days locked in the house, watching all the grim news. But the excitement to welcome our baby was immense! In hindsight, it was actually quite a blessing to be in lockdown during my pregnancy because that helped me really focus on my health, eat right, sleep well and take care of my body. A few months into the pregnancy, my husband and I came to Delhi to be with my family and that helped a lot! Having family around during this time made me really count my blessings and we were lucky to welcome Jaiveer in the most special way :)

2. Lockdown during the trimesters. What were the advantages and the disadvantages?

- Answered above.

3. Can you share a few of your favourite sustainable pre-natal essentials?

- Pahadi Local Gutti ka tel really helped in making sure I didn't get an overload of stretch marks. Also I was binging a lot of Gauri's goodies energy bars. I was wearing a lot of my pregnancy clothes too and they looked great with the bump :)

4. Post Partum, how has it been juggling work and motherhood together?

- Honestly, it's been tough. I didn't expect it to be easy but the mom-guilt is real. I think working from home has been a boon and a bane - It's great cause you're around your baby all day and you don't need to physically be away from him. But not being able to give more than an hour to work at a stretch really reduces productivity. I'm still figuring out how to juggle both but I want to take it slow and not be too hard on myself. I'm sure with time we'll settle down into a routine that allows me to be with my baby and work too.

5. Can you share a few of your favourite sustainable post-partum must-haves?

- Oleum Cottage hair oil has worked wonders for my post-partum hair fall and their stretch mark oil is great too. Kama Ayurveda post-pregnancy massage oil is lovely.

- For Jaiveer - I use windmill baby detergent for his laundry which I really like. Masilo has the best organic cotton swaddles, bibs, sleeping bags - love their products.

6. What is your take on being an eco-mom?

- I really believe that kids learn by watching adults around them. For me to teach sustainability or imbibe sustainable practices in my child, all I have to do is lead that lifestyle. This is not only the need of the hour but also what's the healthiest for our future generations. I think if we're just mindful and careful about each choice we make, we will be able to lead by example and that’s what I’m trying to do.

7. Is it more difficult to lead a sustainable business? Why?

- I'm not sure if it is more difficult because each business has its own set of challenges. For sustainable businesses, our challenges are also our biggest strengths if we play them right. I think we're in a space that is only growing and that is very exciting! Moreover, if you're passionate about what you're doing and you truly believe that your business is making a difference, then that fuels you to overcome each challenge.

8. What is your advice for all women-led sustainable businesses out there?

- Luck favours those who work hard.

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